To ensure the health and safety of individuals with intellectual disabilities or autism, their community home or apartment must be customized according to local and state real estate and healthcare regulations. This can be very difficult for a Medicaid provider providing services or a family who wants to support someone with these complex behaviors. Each person is different.

Our founder and CEO, Dennis Dicker, a serial entrepreneur and computer engineer invests in real estate decided to use his business acumen to serve a disadvantaged population. First he conducted research to select a population that is under-served and faces problems he thinks he can fix. Then he set up a company to serve that population: adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or Intellectual Disabilities (ID) in Pennsylvania. He then obtained the necessary licensure and insurance certification to provide comprehensive services and 24-hour residential care for Medicaid participants. He quickly built a profitable business doing the traditional work of Medicaid-funded service providers for the target population. The business doubled as a living laboratory in which he closely examined every problem, created technology-enhanced solutions, tested them and perfected them — improving his own business while developing products everyone can use. Optonome is built on years of experience, research and development.